Why would I re-glaze rather than replace?

Save time and money! You can save 80-85% over the cost of replacing an item. For example, a bathtub can easily cost upward  or $1,500.00 to replace by the time you tear out the old tub, dispose of it, buy a new tub and have it installed, have a plumber refit the drain and faucet, then fix any damage to walls or tile surrounding the tub.  It is very common that to remove an old tub the doorway has to be widened or the the tub has to be cut in two.  These things add a lot of time and money to the project.  If you plan on doing a full remodel  that is the time to think about replacing old fixtures.  Some old fixtures should be kept and refinished because of their desirability as original fixtures or antiques. One time a fixture should be replaced is when it is extremely rusted such as can occur with low cost thin pressed steel bathtubs.  Once a steel tub has rusted through it should be replaced.



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